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Two-Speed IT Architecture-The Stepping Stone Of Digital Business Models

How can the Two-Speed IT Architecture be implemented to transform the Digital Business Models?

What is the Two-Speed IT-Architecture?



Things to keep in mind while digitizing a company




Therefore the two-speed IT architecture helps companies to improve their insights and decision-making capabilities at a fast pace and at the same time decouples the legacy system at a slower pace.


Building blocks of Digital Enterprise Architecture




Challenges faced by Enterprise Architecture




Implementing Two Speed Architecture


Traditional companies don’t have the luxury of starting from scratch like these new digital companies. They have to build an architecture that is designed for the digital world but on a legacy foundation. It is important to realize that digital transformation is a continuous process of delivering new functionality rather than building business models sequentially over the long run.

Digital Transformation focuses on the following aspects




For most traditional user-facing companies, building a new digital IT architecture that runs alongside legacy systems makes it possible to compete with digital natives.

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