Digital Transformation of Finance Business Functions using Odoo Framework on AWS

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Digital Transformation of Finance Business Functions using Odoo Framework on AWS

DBS Partners is an accounting firm based out of New York metro that provides CFO and business transformation services to medium and small enterprises. DBS Partners wants to offer its clients financial accounting, consolidation, and other related business functionalities. Every organization is going through digital transformation on a big or small scale.

Digital Alpha brings in the Odoo framework and SaaS managed deployment in AWS to enable DBS Partners to support its customers by transforming finance-related functions. Highly tailored, pre-configured, customizable, and one-click solution for a suite of business applications on top of Odoo framework with AWS enables firms with improved time-to-market and cost rationalization.


Businesses use different software for different business functions like inventory management, accounting, invoicing, purchase, sales, CRM etc. But all these solutions are not integrated and lacks the flexibility to customize an off-the shelf module based on specific business need.

Odoo framework seamlessly integrates and brings all the business-related solutions together under one platform.

The Challenge

Companies are operating in a disparate system where applications and solutions are not integrated or using applications that lack flexibility for business specific customization.

Key Challenges for MSME:

1. They have individual software for different business functions or are using simple spreadsheets, excel to manage invoicing, accounting, sales, purchase, timesheets etc. All these solutions have their own database and are not integrated with one another.

2. If a business is using an off-the-shelf solution like NetSuite, the customization is very limited. So, companies would need dedicated resources to make any changes in the module to cater to business specific needs.

3. Managing infrastructure and cost becomes daunting for companies.

CFOs have a significant role to play in digital transformation. Not every company has the capabilities built to take on the transformation.

Many medium and small enterprises already work with regional accounting services firms that support technology development to provide a solution for digital transformation centered around finance.


Odoo framework with SaaS managed deployment in AWS enables DBS Partners to support their client with transforming finance and related functions.

AWS SaaS managed deployment allows users to customize the modules in the Odoo framework as per business needs. It can also build new modules like accounting and consolidation for a particular business process in the Odoo framework.

Since this is a SaaS solution hosted in cloud, both options are available – to host in a private cloud with single tenant or public cloud. It can also be deployed in their AWS account to make sure their application is not exposed to others and their data is secured.

SaaS managed deployment in AWS provides a pre-built SaaS environment that enables organizations to begin to operate as a SaaS business without absorbing all the complexity of building, running and managing the SaaS solutions.


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